Covid Summary

Lawton Public Schools Possible COVID-19 Exposure Notice

This webpage will be updated regularly as positive cases are identified within the district. The district’s priority upon hearing of a probable positive case is to directly reach out to staff or parents affected and communicate next steps as it aligns with the safety guidelines and procedures. Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the district cannot release names or details.

It is important that parents and staff remain in contact and communicate information for the safety of others with school leadership or administrators at the school site. Personal health procedures and extra disinfecting measures continue to be in place. District leadership remains in constant communication and in full cooperation with Comanche County Health Department.

All staff and parents of students who have been in close contact with a positive case while at school are being notified.
If you have not been contacted, you or your student have not met the requirements of a “Close Contact.”



  • If you or your child are sick, DO NOT come to work or send your child to school.

  • As soon as a student or staff member receives a positive test result, they need to notify their supervisor or their child’s school. This is critical information for schools and district contact tracers. 

  • DO NOT come to school or work if you are waiting on test results. LPS expects you to stay home until you’ve received your results. 

  • Students SHOULD NOT come to school if someone in their household is positive for COVID-19, even if the child isn’t sick.

  • Staff members SHOULD NOT come to work if someone in their household is positive for COVID-19. Contact your supervisor for additional instructions.

Tried and True Mitigation Strategies

For further questions, please contact the Comanche County Health Department at 580-248-5890.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Symptomatic Illness Assessment


We appreciate the Comanche County Health Department for their partnership and guidance in protecting the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff.


More information:

Read the latest regarding the FDA Approval of the First COVID-19 Vaccine


  • The CDC recommends wearing face masks to contain coughs and sneezes, preventing the spread of germs to other people and nearby surfaces which helps to protect other people.  Masks can also help you avoid touching your nose or mouth accidentally.  While a face covering does not filter the air you breathe, it may serve as a barrier.  

  • Masks are a supplement to, not a substitute for, other preventative measures.  They are intended as an added layer of protection on top of social distancing and other common-sense protections like frequent handwashing, the use of hand sanitizer, and staying home when sick or experiencing symptoms of illness.  

Face masks should:

  • Fit snugly but comfortable against the side of the face

  • Be secured with ties or ear loops

  • Include multiple layers of fabric

  • Allow for breathing without restriction